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At Blakiston’s, our specialist expertise encompasses UAS/UAV/ drone legal issues, BVLOS/ EVLOS/ VLOS (beyond/extended visual line of sight), operational safety cases, disputes with the National Aviation Authority/Regulator, intellectual property, contracts, privacy, tortious liability and airspace and airworthiness regulation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and address legal issues as well as avoid, manage and resolve disputes in an efficient manner ensures each and every client receives a service delivered to achieve results. We can give you financial certainty with legal fees on a fixed fee basis, retainer/ subscription basis,  half day/hourly rate or by monthly subscription. We provide a suite of legal documents for drone operators including a drone services agreement, confidentiality agreements, standard terms and conditions as well as legal oversight.

We are also familiar with integrated technologies that include robotics and artificial intelligence. Clients include end users, suppliers and companies that use drones in their organisation and/or instruct other drone companies for their services.

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Privacy & Surveillance

The Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and subsequent GDPR is relevant as there is no one stop law regarding data protection and drone use in the EU. Fundamental rights in the UK regarding the right to privacy are enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights(ECHR). The data protection regulator in the UK, (Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO)) often reviews how data is captured and managed by drones via the Data Protection Act 1998 and/or GDPR. The ICO has issued guidance on drone use, which we would be happy to advise on at any time.  

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International UAV Law

The use of drones in any capacity whether commercial or private is a complex matter to understand in the jurisdictions of other countries. We can advise on these matters, particularly regarding the requirements of Operators Certificates or equivalent.

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UAV Consultancy

Blakiston’s can identify and mitigate risk to you and your business before, during and after take-off.  Our services can evaluate business risk such as compliance, operational, financial and reputation. We also provide a General Counsel service and legal advice to business.

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Urban Areas and Congested Zones UTM (Unmanned to Urban Areas and Congested Zones)

Different rules apply and you may have to submit an Operational Safety Case(OSC). With our extensive drone flight experience and work with the Civil Aviation Authority, Blakiston’s are perfectly placed to advise and assist clients in this area.    “Blakiston’s are direct access barristers delivering legal solutions in a rapidly evolving technological environment, delivering efficient and effective solutions to multiple sectors.”

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The Drone Pilots Legal Handbook –"the ultimate guide to flying within the law and without a worry" by Blakiston's Chambers.

The legal Handbook covers the following:

  1. Business structures: Take-off from solid ground
  2. Contracts: Why the fine print matters
  3. Employment issues: Keeping you and your pilot's in the clear
  4. Intellectual property: Protecting your brand and ideas
  5. Data, privacy and noise: How to fly over these obstacles
  6. Trouble in the sky: Flying into (and out of) hot water
  7. Complex drone operations: Getting started when you want to get tricky
  8. Drone registration and pilot accreditation: Preparing for the future

"Blakiston's are direct access barristers delivering legal solutions in a rapidly evolving technological environment, delivering efficient and effective solutions to multiple sectors."

Drone Law

Blakiston's - helping clients stay compliant and risk aware.

The commercial and civil drone market is growing at a rapid rate. Blakiston’s specialise in services and sectors such as media & marketing, emergency & first response, rural and environmental, intelligence and security.  Drone law is governed by aviation regulation and involves airworthiness regulation (assurance that the aircraft is safe to use) and operational regulation (directions on licensing, air traffic and qualifications/training relating to pilots). Airspace is further split into different classes from A to G by the Convention of International Civil Aviation (7 December 1944). There are a number of aviation regulators that determine the rules for every jurisdiction. The UK is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority and more specifically Air Navigation Orders. This is augmented by Virtual Reality, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Unmanned flying machines collect data using a variety of instruments and are often known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS). The word “drone” is the common term, which was attributed to military and surveillance uses and is used by most people today.   

Blakiston’s advise on:

  • Air regulations in the UK and Internationally
  • Air Navigation Orders (such as CAP393)  
  • Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO)  
  • Drones in congested areas  
  • Liability  
  • Insurance obligations  
  • Data protection and privacy/ GDPR
  • Privacy Impact Assessments  
  • Customs Restrictions  
  • Wireless or Radio Frequency Spectrum  
  • Cyber Security Risk  
  • Trespass and nuisance  
  • Enforcement, penalties and sanctions  
  • EU Regulatory Developments, Civil Aviation Authority, JARUS, EASA
Drone Law

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